Aunty June

I'm very fond of my Aunt June and we're very close. She's blessed with a  mature rounded body with large boobs and wide hips and ever since my teenage  years, I had harboured a secret desire to see her naked; even trying to see  through the gaps in the door to her bedroom when she was changing whilst I  was staying over at her place. 

One evening when I was in my 20's and she was in her mid-sixties, I found  myself alone in the house with her whilst my uncle had gone away for the  weekend with his fishing friends. During the evening she had told me about  the fact that the relationship between her and my uncle had cooled over the  years and as I went over to her chair to put my arm around her, she began to  cry. I put my arm around her and comforted her until she wiped away he tears,  smiled and then kissed me full on the lips; I felt a shiver run down my spine  as she did so because the kiss felt different to one usually exchanged  between aunt & nephew. When the kiss finished, I made my way back to the  sofa, but as I did so June got up and followed me, sitting next to me. As she  sat down I could see that the blouse she was wearing was gaping slightly and  I could see her white cotton bra clearly. I found myself looking at her  breasts with their deep cleavage as she chatted with me and I felt my  breathing deepen as my cock began to slowly stiffen. We continued to chat a  while and she started to inch her hand towards mine until we were actually  holding hands and moving closer to each other on the sofa. I then plucked up  the courage to place my left arm around her and draw her even closer to me as  we kissed again - this time more passionately with her tongue exploring my  mouth as I then ran my hand up towards her chest. Finding that she was not  making any effort to brush my hand away, I took the plunge and brushed it  over the curves of her right breast, tracing the line of her bra cup and  squeezing gently as I finished. June responded by murmuring softly as we  continued to kiss so I repeated what I had just done, but instead of  finishing with a squeeze, I slipped my fingers inside the gap between two  buttons and unfastened them.  read more

My Granny-in-law and Mom-in-law (part II)

It is a vivid memory now…Nana Esther…her daughter-in-law (my mother-in-law Sylvia)…and the Pleasure! And as crazy and wild as it seems…it’s all true!

I can remember the days that followed my first time with Nana as if it were yesterday, not thirty years ago when I was eighteen and newly married into the family. After being drawn in by the wonderful smells and sex fragrances of their panties, which I found in our family bathroom’s hamper, I finally had the sexual pleasure of Nana Esther, my wife’s ninety two year old grandmother! 

As I lay with her in her son and daughter-in-law’s bed, in the spoon position, but with my cock inserted in her old, wizened pussy, lubricated with my mother-in-law’s K-Y jelly, I slowly and sensually pumped her cunt and whispered in her ear. 

“Nana, my sweet old Nana…just think…here we are…you…ninety two years old and I’m eighteen…I’ve never been so happy!” “Your skin is so soft.” (There is nothing in this world like the soft, mushy, sensuous skin of an old woman…wrinkled and almost without skin tone…so soft to the touch!) read more

My Mother-in-law – The Swinger

I apologize for not continuing on with my tales of my Mother-In-Law Sylvia and me, but I’ve been so busy with our involvement in the “Golden Age Club” and gathering various true life stories from the members I’ve met to bring to you.

It’s hard for anyone to imagine that the following episode can be true, but if the calculation that one percent of the people in this country (USA) are engaged in incest, that would put the estimate at approximately 2 million participants in this country alone! Now that makes it possible and in fact likely!

In her ninth month, Jenna and her husband Jeff, whom I‘ve described in the last part of “My Mother-In-Law and Grannie-In-Law’, brought my mother-in-law Sylvia and me to a “Golden Age Club” gathering. It was held in a rather palatial private home in the Hamptons in Long Island. To be honest, I don’t even know who owned the home or if it was rented for the night.

After introductions were made around to the various couples, all, except Jeff and Jenna, some combination of young and old, we met Henry and Doris, like us, intergenerational in-laws. read more